Post: Episode 6: Childhood Favourites and Pig’s Jowl

Episode 6: Childhood Favourites and Pig’s Jowl

We’ve now reached the half way stage and there are 8 of us left. Last week’s task involved cooking an interpretation of Nick or Dylan’s childhood memories. I went with Nick’s Fish and Chips. Nick liked it but I guess I didn’t really get the brief on this one, or I took the easy option. I more or less replicated their dish, when I should have done something more fine dining. Dylan said I need to be standing out from the pack at this stage, and that I wasn’t. Fair point, so I really need to push myself now.

What I found funny on this task was that the sample dishes we were shown were made from a packet. Dylan’s Chicken Noodle soup was actually Koka noodles and Nick’s Rice Pudding was from a tin!! I saw them in the bin in the kitchen. Another thing you didn’t see on the episode was that my chips were triple cooked. Dylan had a good laugh when I served them as they were still slightly raw even though I cooked them three times.

Brian definitely deserved Best Dish, and we got to see his mean streak. He told us he felt really bad at the time, but he looked fairly happy allocating out the pork cuts on the show. We are on talking terms again now! I’d probably have done the same myself if it was me. I hadn’t a clue what to do with the meat. I’d never even heard of a jowl. The only jowls I was aware of were the two that Marlon Brando had on his face when he was carrying a few extra stone. That type of cut would generally take 6 hours plus. This task definitely separated us amateurs from the professional cooks. Mixing the black pudding with the potato was a mistake for me as the whole plate looked very dark. It needed something to brighten it all up. In fairness, I had 3 hours so I should have been able to come up with something better.

It was goodbye to Conn this week. Like Nick before him, pancakes were his downfall . He is a great guy and I love his positive attitude.

If anyone caught the promo for next week, you’ll see that I am not a happy camper. I have a few words to say, so interesting to see how that comes across on camera.

Hello to everyone I met over the weekend in town after the match and thanks for the good wishes. I was amazed at how many people recognised me and watch the show. Everyone wanted to know what Nick and Dylan are really like! I also met a hen night out who were all wearing chefs’ hats which was funny. A mother and daughter even said I was their 2nd favourite. Andy was their fave.

Until the next episode.

P.S. If you’ve got More4 or 4OD, check out Ottolengi’s Mediterranean Feast on Mondays at 9pm. I’m cooking a lot of stuff inspired by him at the moment.

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