I’m gonna say a word that most of you most likely don’t want to hear after the Easter holidays…’Eggs..’ (Not the chocolate variety mind, so step away from the kids leftover Easter eggs now)… but really folks you won’t beat these for simplicity, versatility, taste and all round bang for your buck -  both in terms of nutrition and money.

OK, so advance apologies for the eggy puns. But these are egg-ceptionally easy dishes and perfect for brunch, lunch or a light dinner. I have to admit that these were my wife’s idea. We had a bit of an egg-stravaganza in our house recently.  This week, we ended up with 6 packs of eggs in the fridge. The weekly shop combined with generous neighbours who have their own hens called for a few egg inspired dinners.

A lot of people are put off by eggs and think that they are bad for you. On the contrary, they are full of protein and good fats. Pair that with a decent carbohydrate and you have the perfectly balanced meal. They didn’t call me Senór Huevos for nothing when I worked in El Salvador.. but thats another story..

First up is a Smoked Salmon Hash with a Poached Egg. We tend to have most of the ingredients in the house so it is fairly easy to rustle this up or a slight variation.

Next up is a 5 minute meal. The ingredients are runner beans, eggs and parmesan. Even my sister-in-law (who shall remain nameless… but you know who you are Eimear), could not mess this one up.

Summer is fast approaching, so in the coming months I’ll be concentrating on some barbeque ideas along with some seasonal salads.

You can find the recipes here.




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